Cosplay Ideas for the 2020 Republican Convention

  1. Lindsey Graham: blue suit, crimson tie
  2. Sean Hannity: blue suit, purple tie
  3. Mike Pence: blue suit, red tie (white hair and face paint a plus)
  4. Rep. Steve King: blue suit, yellow tie (white robe and hood a plus)
  5. Chris Christie: blue suit, blue and yellow patterned tie (loose at the neck for safety)
  6. Rush Limbaugh: : blue suit, pink tie (haha, just kidding, golf shirt, etcetera)
  7. Paul Ryan: blue suit, yellow and white striped tie (non-cartoonish widow’s peak a plus)
  8. Sen. Ted Cruz: blue suit, baby blue tie (“beard” optional)
  9. Ronald Reagan: blue suit, any color tie (please, the honor is all ours)
  10. Ted Nugent: loincloth

Comedy writer. Master of the forced, awkward and unconvincing pratfall. Author of “Behold! We May Rock You!” available on Amazon.

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