How can we make space travel available to everyone with millions and millions and dollars

Hello, Cornelius. I’m sending this via our private social media contact app, WhatsAppenedToMyMoney, because I feel it is, in fact, a Cat 1 Fiscal Emergency.

The billionaires are traveling to space all willy-nilly, and I want to go there, too. Now!

Sure, I could spend the chump change — between…

Is the Electoral College an actual college?
Not in the traditional sense with classes, dormitories, and beer-fueled rush weeks. In fact, the only real similarity between the two is that we’re often left questioning our choices several years later. Was it really worth it, or did we simply “go with the…

  1. Lindsey Graham: blue suit, crimson tie
  2. Sean Hannity: blue suit, purple tie
  3. Mike Pence: blue suit, red tie (white hair and face paint a plus)
  4. Rep. Steve King: blue suit, yellow tie (white robe and hood a plus)
  5. Chris Christie: blue suit, blue and yellow patterned tie (loose at the neck for safety)
  6. Rush Limbaugh: : blue suit, pink tie (haha, just kidding, golf shirt, etcetera)
  7. Paul Ryan: blue suit, yellow and white striped tie (non-cartoonish widow’s peak a plus)
  8. Sen. Ted Cruz: blue suit, baby blue tie (“beard” optional)
  9. Ronald Reagan: blue suit, any color tie (please, the honor is all ours)
  10. Ted Nugent: loincloth

While I’m stuck in this stockholder meeting, please enjoy this story from my good friend, world-famous romance novelist and Contributing Editor, Jarvis Firmrod.

Good friends, hear me true: I’m stuck.

After 30+ years of writing, nay, crafting romance and romantic novels (there is a difference), I have run out of…

Jim Kuenzer

Comedy writer. Master of the forced, awkward and unconvincing pratfall. Author of “Behold! We May Rock You!” available on Amazon.

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